Tasca da Esquina

“Tasca” means a modest establishment that serves cheap wine and “petiscos” (the Portuguese word for “tapa”). When well-known chef Vitor Sobral opened this restaurant he probably called it tasca to signal its affordable price. But the quality is excellent. There is a daily menu featuring small dishes, all original, all prepared with great care. There is also a degustation. The wine list has many good choices, including the excellent Chef’s Collection Vitor Sobral from Alentejo. Three star food almost at tasca prices, that is what you get at Tasca da Esquina. Reservations are a must.

Rua Domingos Sequeira 41C , Campo de Ourique,  1350-119 Lisboa, Tel. 919 837 255, email info@tascadaesquina.com. Click here for web site.


7 thoughts on “Tasca da Esquina

  1. Sou brasileira e gostaria de fazer uma reserva para 4/8 ou 5/8, para 2 pessoas, às 21h. Estarei aí em Lisboa nestas 2 datas e tenho ótimas indicações do restaurante!
    Aguardo retorno de vocês!

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