Cervejaria da Esquina

Vitor Sobral went to culinary school in France to learn to cook like Escoffier. He then opened luxury restaurants that pushed the frontier of culinary art. After a lifetime of cooking, Sobral came back to the gastronomy of Portugal and reinvented the neighborhood restaurant.

His first success was Tasca da Esquina. He then opened Cervejaria da Esquina, which specializes in seafood. At the Cervejaria, Sobral focuses on Portuguese classics like shrimp soup and clams Bulhão Pato. But his subtle improvements, pristine ingredients, and impeccable preparation make us feel that we are trying these dishes for the first time.

If you like seafood, choose a hotel near Cervejaria da Esquina. You’ll love having this restaurant in you neighborhood.

Cervejaria da Esquina, Santo Condestável, Rua Correia Teles, 56, Lisboa, tel. 213874644, email: geral@cervejariadaesquina.com.  Click here for website.

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