Noah surf house

Noah Composit

If you’re looking for the perfect place to have an aperitif on a romantic date, we suggest you try Noah Surf House in the Santa Cruz beach, 40 miles north of Lisbon.

The building is minimalistic, designed to frame the gorgeous ocean views. The space is furnished with colorful tables and benches made from reclaimed wood, as if to stress that everything on the beach is a gift from the sea.

During Fall or Winter you might have this magical place all for yourself. During Spring or Summer, you’re likely to find it full of beautiful people who gather here to enjoy the setting of the sun.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Noah. And it is easy to fall in love with the person who brought you there.

Noah Surf House is on Avenida do Atlantico, A dos Cunhados,  tel 261 932 355. Click here for their web site.


9 thoughts on “Noah surf house

  1. Went there after reading your blog: dissapointment.

    The architecture and the seaview location are beautiful. But food and drinks: mediocre

    We ordered rosé of the house by the glass and we were served Matteus. Not a wine according to our standards. For our second drink we went for a white house wine, and got a refill in the same glass of the rosé. At both occasions they filled the glass (€3 each) only half.

    Our kids had a Noah alcohol-free cocktail (€3,5), which tasted like an ordinary grenadine syrop with water. Half of the glass was filled with whipped cream from an aerosol can. Weird combination, not tasty.

    Good quality meat, but dry and not very tasty. The contemporary style food presentation (mason jar, wooden cutting board, …) was better than the food itself.

    1. We’re sorry you did not have a great experience! We had a wonderful lunch of clams Bulhão pato and a variety of small plates. They have lots of great choices for wine from the Lisbon region.

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