Learning how to surf

Neptune rode the seas on a copper chariot. Surfers make do with much less, gliding the waves on their slender boards. Portugal is a great place to learn the art of surfing. There are many beaches with dependable, tubular waves, and schools like Ripar that provide instruction, equipment, and lodging. Every year, hundreds of visitors arrive in Portugal as ordinary humans and leave transformed into gods of the waves, ready to challenge Neptune to a race.

Click here for Ripar’s website.

4 thoughts on “Learning how to surf

  1. I haven’t been out in the water in a while. I surfed when I was younger but I mainly was a sponger. And only because I loved dropping into the shorebreak and getting pounded against the sand.

    Oh man. The good times.

    I would love to visit Portugal sometime. Great culture and People

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