A window over Lisbon

WindowLisbonIt’s very easy to have fun in Lisbon. But, to have an unforgettable vacation, you have to make this city your own. All it takes is a little effort: choose a window and write a story about it. Suddenly, Lisbon will be more than just another tourist destination. It will become your city, a place where you have a window.

The photo shows our window. Our story is about a couple that can live anywhere in the world, for their talents are many. He and she came to Lisbon for a short stay and rented this apartment in the Campo d’Ourique neighborhood.

One late afternoon, they were enjoying the view of the Tagus river, when he said: I think we should move to Lisbon; this place should be our home. She smiled tenderly at his impractical idea. Then, she noticed that his eyes had the same color as the Tagus river. And, from that day on, she called him river.

She began to notice the same blue color everywhere, in the ancient tiles, in the hydrangeas sold by florists, in the old pottery on the windows of antique shops. And she began to wonder. Isn’t blue the color of heaven? Can you keep a river from flowing to the sea?

6 thoughts on “A window over Lisbon

  1. This blog makes me excited about our move to Lisboa! If you could choose any neighbourhood in Lisbon to live in, with money being no object, which neighbourhood would you choose and why?

    1. Chiado is a great neighborhood because there is so much to do within walking distance, restaurants, music, shopping. Campo d’Ourique is a quiet neighborhood with a great feel. Fernando Pessoa, the great poet, lived there, and one can never go wrong following in the footsteps of a great poet. Lapa is another great place because you have great views of the Tagus river. Sophia de Mello Breyner wrote a poem about these unexpected views, but that is a subject for a future post. Alfama, the neighborhood around St. Jorge’s castle is an historical place with great character. Bairro Alto is a bohemian quarter where locals mix with tourists, making the most of the warm Lisbon nights. And there is so much more! We wish you a fabulous stay in our favorite city.

      1. Thank you so much! We have Chiado and Lapa on our list, but will also check out the other areas. Your blog has been so helpful to us, thanks again!

  2. Campo de Ourique is where my heart is, how could it be otherwise as I live on the block where the window in the photo is located. A village within the city, full of great places to eat, hangout, people watch and meet friends & locals on the street. Twently minutes walk down hill brings me to the city center and who would not love taking one of the antique trams back home. I moved here 1985 and don’t intend to move out any time soon – from the Scot on permanent loan to Lisbon.

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