10 original gifts from Portugal

We live in an unusual world. On one hand, we have access to a seemingly endless variety of goods. On the other hand, everybody has access to the same things. So, it is difficult to come up with exciting, unexpected gifts that show the receivers that we thought about them.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are ten gifts that will surprise and delight even those who already have everything. Just click on the bold words to see more information about these items before you contact Santa!

10 best things

1) A vacation in Portugal!
2) Cozy felt blankets from Loja do Burel in Lisbon.
3) A bottle of a delicious cherry liquor called ginginha.
4) Rare, fragrant tea from the Azores.
5) Original t-shirts and sweaters from Perdição de Maria.
6) Amazing olive oil.
7) Amazing vinegar to go with the olive oil.
8) Perfect cutlery from Cutipol.
9) Perfect espresso and tea cups from Vista Alegre.
10) Elegant jewelry from Reverso.

8 thoughts on “10 original gifts from Portugal

  1. A great post. I really like your blog! I am leaving Portugal very soon 😦 and this list is helping me decide what I should buy before I go. Do you know where I could get nice ceramics plates etc… that could ship abroad?

    1. Hi Clare: We’re glad you have found our blog useful! For porcelain plates, etc. Vista Alegre is the place to go. You can find more information on the blog. For artisanal pottery you might want to check out Viúva Lamego at Largo do Intendente n.º 25. We will blog about it soon!

      Another great gift is a cataplana (more about it here, http://bit.ly/1c0gqRb).

      If you go to the wonderful Reverso jewelry store, please tell Paula Crespo we said hello.

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