Portuguese cobblestones

Calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese cobblestone) is a mosaic pavement built with cubes made of limestone and basalt.  Each stone is carefully cut and laid by hand by a master “calceteiro.” It takes months, sometimes years to build these majestic pavements. So, if you visit Portugal, by all means, look up to see the cerulean blue sky, the castles on hilltops, the seagulls gliding on the wind. But do not miss the beauty beneath your feet.

Beneath your feet, Maria Rebelo, gelatin silver print, 2003.

3 thoughts on “Portuguese cobblestones

  1. Here again (sorry … I’m now stuck in one of those delicious meanderings that only ever happen when you find something truly interesting to do – which right now is to read your blog) and I agree with your short but sweet post.

    I once discovered a pair of workmen trying to repair a hole near
    Jardim Calouste Gulbenkian. I passed the time watching them, watching me. Neither party got much done, other than sink lots of espresso and Sagres.

    However I did learn a lesson in Portuguese diligence: no matter what you’re doing, do it well, even if the doing equates to a whole lot of nothing.

    NB – a great place to look down from above is the bridge up to the Oceanarium in Parque das Nações. Stunning view of the floor. Guaranteed free of holes and doing-nothing-with-gusto workmen.

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