The best “pastel de nata” in Lisbon?


Pastelaria Aloma, a pastry store in the Campo d’Ourique neighborhood, became famous after winning the competition for the best “pastel de nata” in Lisbon in 2012 and 2013. With so many pastry stores and coffee shops vying for this honor, it is a remarkable achievement.

We set out to investigate, on behalf of our readers, whether Aloma’s pastries are indeed a cut above the rest. Our first two visits were in the afternoon and, by the time we arrived, they had run out of pastries! Why don’t they make more? Were they told by a business guru to use scarcity as a marketing tool?

Our third visit was in the morning. We were so eager to try these little pastries that we ate the first pastel very quickly. By the time we noticed the taste, all that was left was a happy hint of lemony sweetness.

We asked for a second specimen. This time we used a scientific approach, taking small bytes and writing detailed notes. Yes, the dough has the perfect crustiness, flakiness, and flavor. Yes, the sweetness of the filling is perfectly balanced by the taste of lemon and the sprinkle of cinnamon.

It was only when we ordered a third pastel that we realized that these pastries have a major flaw: it is hard to stop eating them!

Pastelaria Aloma is located on Rua Francisco Metrass, 67, Lisbon, tel. 21-396-3797.

6 thoughts on “The best “pastel de nata” in Lisbon?

  1. Reblogged this on Parallèles potentiels and commented:
    La Patisserie lisboète Aloma, perdue dans le quartier de Campo Ourique, obtiendra t’elle pour la troisième année consécutive le prix du meilleur pastel de Nata ? Il faut dire qu’il est bien meilleur que ceux, industrieux, de la fameuse Pastelaria de Belem ou déferlent les légions étrangères. En la matière, suspense et mystère feuilletés, onctuosité crémeuse de ces calices coniques aux parois roussies, avalés à la va vite par les employés au comptoir des pastelarias, restent délices entiers…

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