Divine sweets from Aveiro

Doce d_ovos Pastelaria Versailles

Aveiro is a picturesque town in the center of Portugal, known for its canals on the delta of the Vouga river. In ancient times, Aveiro lived from the production of salt and the gathering of seaweed that was used to fertilize the land.

Aveiro’s claim to fame is its “ovos moles” (soft eggs). To make this dessert, pastry chefs separate the yolks from the whites. The yolks are combined with sugar to make the filling. The whites are used to make the same wafers that, once blessed, are served in holly communion. The filling is placed inside two wafers, which are then molded into various shapes. And that is how the profane yolk reunites with the sacred white to make divine “ovos moles.”

One thought on “Divine sweets from Aveiro

  1. Divine but so “egg sweet sugared” you could soon overdose ! My mam loved them, i ate a lot of ’em (too many for a lifetime );
    In Algarve they love to mix egg and almond : it is stilll sweeter…

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