The Miramar beach

Igreja na praia-2One of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal is Miramar, near Oporto. It has a long stretch of sand bathed by green and blue water. But what makes this beach so special, is an old church built on rocks by the sea on the same place where there was once a pagan temple.

As we entered the church courtyard, we felt surrounded by the sea; dazzled by its sight, soothed by its sound, intoxicated by its scent.

It is easy to understand why this location has been a place of worship for centuries. Faced with such immense beauty, how can we not give thanks to its creator?

14 thoughts on “The Miramar beach

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I will have to visit it next time I’m in Porto. I didn’t go to the beaches on the Southern side from Porto, just North of Porto 🙂 Absolutely Beautiful!

  2. Been to Portugal last month, I also spent an afternoon on Miranmar beach. Lovely to sit there and watch the tide come and go. Considering its reputation, I expected it to be quite crowded, but it was just the opposite.

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