Convent delights

Composit Ovos Moles

Ovos Moles is the name of a store in Lisbon that sells traditional sweets made from recipes created in Portuguese convents. These wonderful desserts are procured from small producers who often kept the original recipes in their family for several generations. They are indescribable delights made of eggs, sugar, flour, fruits, and nuts.

It is a privilege to be able try and compare so many of these exceptional desserts. After all, in times gone by, we would have had to commit to a monastic life to enjoy the heavenly concoctions that Ovos Moles offers.

Ovos Moles is located at Calçada da Estrela, 140-142, tel. 919303788. Click here for their website.



11 thoughts on “Convent delights

    1. That’s probably because the ovos moles are from Aveiro, a city 2 hours further north 🙂 The pastel de belém or pastel de nata (custard tart) is more common in Lisbon (and in the country as a whole, in my experience).

  1. I managed to eat one ovo mole when I went to Aveiro (where they’re originally from), but they can be a little strange for foreigners, hehe 😛 The consistency isn’t the best…

  2. My mother loved those convent yellow egg and almond sweets, that you finded at the time especially in Algarve.
    I loved them too, they are childishyummy, but oversweeeeeeet.
    Some Freudian say they
    were invented as a libido compensation
    for that women monks could’nt have any sexual healing
    Some other that the egg white was used to starch the shirt collars
    ( “empeser les cols de chemise”)
    so something had to be done
    of the left yellow…

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