Café Majestic

Magestic Café

Nothing fuels creativity like coffee. Voltaire made sure his inspiration never faltered by sipping 40 cups of coffee a day. Balzac conceived plots for his novels by staying up all night drinking coffee.

One of our favorite places for a stimulating cup of brew is the Majestic Cafe in Oporto. Inaugurated in 1921, it has elegant proportions and exquisite Art Nouveau interiors. The café charges premium prices so it attracts few locals. Drinking a good espresso will set you back 5 euros. It is a price well worth paying for all the creative ideas that a visit to the glamour of the Belle Époque can spark.

Café Majestic is located at Rua Santa Catarina 112, Porto. Click here for the café’s website.

4 thoughts on “Café Majestic

  1. When I was last in the majestic about three years ago and espresso it was about two euros. is Portugal now undertaken price gouging because of the huge influx of tourist?

  2. I remember very well going there with my parents and their friends, in my childhood. It was so boring for me! And the café was not very well preserved at the time. But now is fabulous and certainly deserves a visit

  3. I’m sure it will get even more popular now J.K. Rowling has confirmed she wrote some of the Harry Potter series in there! It’s a beautiful café!

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