The sardine is the silver of the sea, mined by brave Portuguese fisherman to adorn the dinner tables of rich and poor.

Portuguese sardines have a layer of fat that melts during cooking and gives them their unique taste. The most popular way to cook sardines is to grill them on charcoal. They are usually served with grilled peppers dressed with olive oil. Another popular preparation is “sardinhas de escabeche,” fried sardines marinated in olive oil, vinegar, onion, and bay leaves.

During the June feasts of St. Antony, St. John and St. Peter restaurants set up their grills on the street and serve sardines to passersby, saints and sinners alike.

5 thoughts on “Sardines

  1. Hi there.
    I am from germany and since i was in the 90s in Portugal i love sardinhas. I found some portugues shop in the near and buy all the things.
    But help me. When we grill this fishes at the charcoal (we us this 3 Euro portugal grill from supermarket) they did’nt smell and taste like in Portugal.
    I think the matter are the charcoals. Are your charcoals made from this eucalyptus trees in portugal?
    Is that the secret?

    1. We doubt it is the charcoal. Sardines need to be fresh to taste great, There are now sardines that are frozen with sea water but even those do not taste the same as fresh sardines. So, you might have to come back to Portugal to taste sardines at their best. We just had them for lunch and they were amazing!

      1. Last year i was the last time in Portugal, and three years ago in summer too.
        i travel often around inside your country, with my children and a tent. i hope i could come back again the next year. And…wait i see in your blogroll Berlenga island. That was really nice there. Best picknick place in the world ever. 🙂
        you are from Lisboa?

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