Liquid inspiration


“Com elas ou sem elas?” with or without, asked the waiter as we got to the front of the line at “A Ginjinha,” a small bar in Lisbon’s Largo of São Domingos. “With” we answered. He nodded with approval, picking up a bottle with a cherry infusion to pour the liquid into a small glass, deftly lifting a wood stopper to let a single cherry go by.

The bar’s specialty is a delicious liqueur called “ginjinha” made of sour cherries. It is produced in the nearby village of Arruda dos Vinhos and bottled under the brand Espinheira. The name is a tribute to Francisco Espinheira, the monk who, according to legend, had the brilliant idea of macerating sour cherries (ginjas) in brandy, sugar, and cinnamon.

A Galician entrepreneur opened the bar in 1840 to serve ginjinha to the public. Five generations later, the bar still belongs to his family.

Fernando Pessoa, the great poet, was a regular customer at A Ginjinha.  What a privilege it is to drink from the same source of inspiration!

A Ginjinha is located on Largo de São Domingos, 8, Lisbon.



17 thoughts on “Liquid inspiration

  1. Been there and drunk that!

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  2. Ginginha, uma delícia! 🙂
    Boa publicidade a Portugal e à nossa Lisboa!
    O próximo post, embora menos simpático poderia ser histórico, este terá sido o largo onde começou o Pogrom de Lisboa em 1506…

  3. I love it!! As you may noticed the name of my blog is chocolate & ginger 😉 I haven’t been to this place, is this not a thing for tourists ? Or do local people go there? I love a little ginja shop in Alfama, very small, I was there in December last year.

  4. I loved ginjinha when I was in Lisbon, unfortunately discovered it on our last night. 😦

      1. Haha I will that’s for sure. Heating up my Portuguese first though. 😉

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