Our walking tour of Lisbon!

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We love showing Lisbon to our friends. It is a joy to stroll through streets where so much history was written, admiring the old architecture, visiting interesting shops, stopping by beautiful cafés for coffee and pastries. So, when VoiceMap invited us to record a voice-guided walking tour of Lisbon, we didn’t hesitate.

VoiceMap is a new company that produces GPS-based walking tours. To go on a tour, all you need is a smart phone. You can download the tour in advance and use the maps offline.

Their app shows you a map with your current location and where you should go next. The audio is synchronized with the map, so you can walk at your own pace while your guide tells you about what you’re seeing. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the place you are visiting.

Our tour is about the relationship of Lisbon with the Tagus river. We start at Chiado, by the iconic Brasileira coffee shop, and stroll down to Baixa, the area of downtown Lisbon that was rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake. On the way, we tell you about everything from myths and legends to royal gossip. We show you the architecture and the views of the Tagus river that inspired so many poets. And we end the tour with a celebratory drink in the most beautiful esplanade in Lisbon. Come join us!

Click here to download our VoiceMap tour of Lisbon.


8 thoughts on “Our walking tour of Lisbon!

  1. Our first walk through Lisbon was roughly this, except that from Cais de Colunas we turned in the other direction and went up to Alafama. Thank you for bringing back memories of a wonderful trip.

  2. Gosto muito das informações que partilham no vosso site mas, como portuguesa, tenho muita pena que ele não seja bilingue. Ainda há muita gente que não sabe inglês e que ficaria satisfeita se pudesse aceder às vossas dicas e sugestões. Daria um pouco mais de trabalho, é certo, mas a lingua portuguesa merecia isso!!!

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