Fairy tales

Composit Fairy Tales

In October 1956, the Duke of Edinburgh embarked on a long tour of the Southern Hemisphere without his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. There were rumors that the couple was going to separate.

When the Duke arrived in Portugal in February 1957, the Queen flew from England to meet him. For four days the royal couple did what so many other tourists do in Portugal. They ate canned sardines, sailed on the Tagus river, toured the Jeronimos monastery,  visited Mafra and the Nazaré beach. Then, they flew back to England and lived happily ever after.

Portugal is a place where fairy tales can come true.

10 thoughts on “Fairy tales

  1. What a beautiful place! All couples need a time to just have time off and enjoy a scenic area like this. I’m glad they stayed together…and still are 60 years later!

  2. Great story! I hadn’t heard of that separation rumour. I was born in Lisbon, so can relate to the loveliness of the city. I still love sardines, and remember the big parties for St Anthony’s Day in June. It’s a beautiful place.☺️

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