Love and almonds

Amendoas 2018

Candied almonds, which are popular in Portugal during Easter, were used to celebrate weddings in Roman times. Perhaps this Roman custom was inspired by a Greek legend about almonds as a symbol of love. Here’s the story.

Demophon, the king of Athens, visits Thrace where he falls in love with a princess called Phyllis. Demophon sets a day for their wedding and returns to Athens. On the wedding day, Phyllis waits for Demophon at the altar but he fails to arrive. When she dies of heartbreak, the Greek gods take pity and transform her body into an almond tree.  Demophon, who had been delayed, arrives in Thrace and learns about the tragic death of his bride. He embraces the almond tree and the branches blossom with beautiful flowers.

10 thoughts on “Love and almonds

  1. …poor Phyllis!! Poor Demophon!! But I do have them to thank for the almighty almond and I do LOVE the candied almonds especially.  I grew up surrounded by almond orchards; who knew that they would give way one day to silicon wafers and computer chips?! There are still hundred and hundreds of almond orchards in the California Central Valley though. Years ago I rented  200 plus of my bee hives to almond growers here and in the Central Valley. Bees are in serious trouble now, which if not mitigated, will be disastrous to everyone. Really.Sad. Scary.

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