The setting of the sun


Yesterday the elements were tired after so many performances. The wind stayed at home but the waves came, dressed in white linen. The sun was in an orange garb brought from the far east. Seagulls danced to the roar of the waves while the sun kneeled in reverent prayer until the blue curtains were drawn.

Today a new season begins. We wish you a blissful New Year and we hope you’ll come see the spectacle of the sun setting on the Portuguese sea.

14 thoughts on “The setting of the sun

  1. Muito obrigada for your good wishes. Your posts always remind me of the lovely tranquil sea that is Portugal. The view here in the US is of an impending tsunami – it’s good to know we can wash ashore on the sunny beaches of beloved Portugal.

  2. Obrigada!
    Your prose is imaginative, elegant, beautiful and so welcome. It draws me back to my recent travels in Portugal & the wonderful experience of it all.
    Your post(s) are an uplifting respite from the chaos our country is enduring.

  3. Happy New Year to our favorite bloggers from Boston! It is good to wake up to those beautiful words. You are a true Poet! The elements are indebted to you. The picture is also very beautiful, as always. Missing already Portugal and the sea.

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