Rooster fish

RBD_Desenho Peixe Galo
Peixe Galo, Rui Barreiros Duarte, ink on paper, July 2018.

One of Portugal’s most appetizing fish is the Selene Setapinnis, commonly known as “peixe galo” (rooster fish). In Peniche, fishermen call it “alfaquique.” It is a word with an Arab origin, suggesting that this fish was prized centuries ago.

Peixe galo swims with a serious demeanor near the ocean floor where its colors make it almost invisible. It stays slim on a diet of squid, cuttlefish, and shrimp. Perhaps that is why its meat tastes so good.

Fried peixe galo with an açorda made with its fish eggs is a sumptuous meal, one of the simply extraordinary pleasures of the Portuguese cuisine.

7 thoughts on “Rooster fish

  1. Olá Sérgio, O post está ótimo, obrigada. Só há uma pequena observação. Falta o “s” no nome do Rui: Barreiros. Um abraço, Ana Paula

    1. Makes sense, although we have seen so many fish refereed to a John Dory that we wonder whether it is like John Smith, a name fish use when they want to remain anonymous : )

      1. John Dory is a specific fish, I think the Portuguese name is Sao Pedro. So if you are seeing it used lots it is the fishmongers getting it wrong!!!

        Interesting I cannot find this gorgeous fish in my superb Tio Pepe guide to the fish of Spain and Portugal as none of the names you have mentioned come up. Do you know if the Spanish have another name for it or maybe the French

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