The fate of Portugal

The great poet Luís Vaz de Camões published his masterpiece, the Lusíadas, in 1572. In the first part of this epic ode we learn that the fate of Portugal is being decided in Greece. The Greek gods (called by their Roman names) are divided into two parties. Bacchus is the nemesis of Portugal. With the help of Neptune, he sows unexpected obstacles and unending perils on the path of the Portuguese. But Venus takes up the cause of Portugal. And, with her thoughtful help, the Portuguese show that they can accomplish great things.

2 thoughts on “The fate of Portugal

  1. i am a french resident near Lisbon and I love your blog. In our context of hard crisis, it feels nice to hear positive opinion about Portugal. But will this be enough to save this country ?

    1. Chére Catherine: Thanks for your comment! Portugal has lived many difficult periods throughout its history but it has always recovered its joie de vivre. No country with such a bright, joyous light can be in the dark for long.

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